The Museum of Biblical Art in New York City commissioned this short film to mark the occasion of Presenting Bill Baker with the Visionary Award at their first Gala Event. Philippe de Montebello, the legendary former Director of Metropolitan Museum was among the cultural luminaries interviewed.   We were commissioned directly by Martello Media whom we had collaborated with for EXPO 2010.  The final video was screed before a large audience for Mobia’s Gala Night video honouring Bill Baker, the former President of WNET public television. This production was filmed against the sumptuous background of MOBIA’s “Passion in Venice’ exhibition.

Featuring :

Ena Heller
Roberta Green Ahmanson
Bill Baker
Philippe De Montebello

Commissioned by Martello Media.
Produced by Buckled Cranium.
Directed by Luke Leslie.
Cinematography by Narayan Van Maele

Shot on Location at MOBIA,
1865 Broadway, New York, NY 10023