WholeWorldBand is a platform where anyone can earn money by recording their own music, or adding to someone else’s in sound and vision. You can play with well-known bands and artists, as well as lots of emerging talent.

In other words, you can play with anyone, anywhere, or substitute yourself for any member of a band on the platform when it launches Spring/Summer 2013 for iPhone 4/4s/5, iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Mini.

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Guitars: Dylan Kelly, Wilim Abrook, Brian Walton, Alex Skinner, Daniel Shiel
Drums: Rory Quirke, Shay Cosgrave, Adam Cooke
Bass: Ste O’Neill, Jamie Carroll, Adam Cooke, Paul Flood
Backing Vocals: Carline McMullan & Cayisha Graham, Clodagh Ryan & Roisin
Doyle, Mary Stokes
Keyboards: Liam Byrne, Dara Munnis
Diva: Sophie Merry
Roadie: Graeme Kelly
Sax: Reo Odirile
Cello: Mary Holland
Bodhran & Bouzouki: Samuel Arnold
Violin: Terry Brennan
Harp: Cormac DeBarra
Congas: Mark Heffernan, Tony Oscar
Flute: Andrew Wilkie
Vocals: Ronnie Wood, Sarah-Louise Keane
Tambourine: Rónán O’Snodaigh
Harmonica: Brian Palm
Rapper: Eoghan Ryan
Additional Audio: BIMM Dublin & Participants at The Music Show

Special thanks to staff and students IADT, Dominic Mullan, Bernard Mullarkey, Anne O’Leary, Fionnghuala Neill, Dave Kenny, staff and students BIMM Dublin, Dara Kilkenny, Niall Stokes and Mark Hogan from Hot Press Magazine, John Munnis and Greg Ryan from Sensible Music, John Paul Prior and Musicmaker.