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NPAS : Silent Rage

This project was produced during a six day intense film-making workshop held in NPAS – The National Performing Arts School of Ireland. In August 2013 three teams of 10-16 year old students were tasked with writing, shooting, casting, starring in and executing both an original 4 minute short film and a 2 minute trailer for a feature film idea.

The workshop took students though the development process of scripting and pitching; and also focused on introducing young-film-makers to green-screen and visual effects. All ideas; no matter how zany or high concept were not only welcomed but rewarded; as naturally enthusiasm grew for the most exciting projects.

Six entertaining and highly original concepts emerged. The ideas ranged from drama, to horror, science fiction, thriller, romance and comedy. For a group so young, working with no budget, in a six day-timeframe I think its fair to say the future of Irish cinema is in safe hands!